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 1 DAY SILENT RETREAT    A Day for Yourself



Take a break & experience the benefits of Mindfulness

A mindfulness silent day retreat is the ideal opportunity to spend time with yourself, away from your ‘to do’ list and your mobile phone. A time to recharge, reflect and re-connect with yourself. 

The silent retreat focuses on introducing the practices of mindfulness, leaving participants with a better understanding of what mindfulness is and how the approaches might support them in their day to day lives.


The day will be spent in silence and is suitable for:


- First timers who’d like to bring the benefits of mindfulness into their everyday lives. It is recommended, though not required, that you have some experience with meditation.


- More experienced mindfulness and meditation practitioners who would like to give their mindfulness practices a boost.

The retreat will include the following Mindfulness practices


Mindful Meditations - Pay attention to your breath in order to reconnect the mind and body. Develop present moment awareness of your body, breath, thoughts and emotions.


Mindful Movement/Yoga - Engage in mindful movement & yoga practices to increase attentiveness to your body and take time to relax your body and mind. 


Mindful Walking - Feel your feet on the earth as you walk in nature, without having to go somewhere or do something - ground yourself. 


Mindful Eating - Cultivate awareness of the sight, smell, taste and the nutritional value of the food you eat.

There will be opportunities to discuss and exchange your experiences at the end of the day if you wish to do so.

Practical information

We recommend you dress comfortably in non-restrictive clothing. Bring some warm clothing with. Walking shoes are also needed as we will walk outside. Meditation mats and cushions are provided.

A delicious, wholesome lunch (also suitable for vegetarians) and refreshments are included.

The day will either be guided in English or Dutch.




"Een mooie stiltedag, met wat beweging, verschillende soorten meditaties, inspirerende gedichten en heerlijke wandelingen in de natuur. De lunch was verrukkelijk en het plekje knus. Jennifer heeft een fijne stem, toon en houding.

De perfecte basis voor zo'n dag en de rest ontvouwt zich vanzelf. Ik raad het zeker anderen aan om dit mee te maken".


"One day of peace and quiet filled with meditation, gentle exercise, a delicious lunch and a walk in the forest. Jennifer is a natural teacher with a lovely warm presence. The day was well thought out and prepared and it was so lovely to be guided through the day, with all decisions taken care of.

I feel re-energised and at the same time calmer. Thank you!".

Ik vond het een bijzondere ervaring. Jennifer vertelde alles op een hele prettige manier. Het was wel confronterend maar dat is hoe ik het beleefd heb. Er was een super heerlijke lunch bij. Ik ben weer een ervaring rijker”.


"The silent mindfulness day retreat is the gift that keeps on giving. With Jennifer's warmth and her thoughtful guidance, I was able to delve deeper into meditation than I have before. The meditations have stayed with me and I feel like I am still able to draw strength and peace from them.

The most challenging part of the day was eating lunch with the other participants in silence. It felt awkward for a while, but because we had just done an eating meditation, it was hugely freeing to be able to concentrate on the delicious food and the beautiful surroundings. The day is a wonderful gift to give to yourself".



"Silence is more than not speaking, it is a way to renew ourselves physically, mentally,

and spiritually. Even just a few minutes of true silence can give a rest far deeper than sleep,

and possibly anything else you’ve experienced in life".

"Hoe stiller je wordt, hoe meer je kunt horen".

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