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Life is all about Balance

Mindfulness is the way to bring more awareness & balance into your life


Mindfulness helps you to find balance within your busy life. It is a life skill that we can train to deal more skillfully with the stresses of daily life and to enhance our health and well-being.

*  Stress reduction

Decreases anxiety

*  More self awareness

*  Boosts focus

Increases resilience

*  Enhances calmness

Improved memory

*  Better work-life balance

My motto is Connecting & Caring

My journey

I am South African, married to a Dutchman and have been living in Holland for more than 25 years.


Since I started exploring mindfulness several years ago, the effect on my life has been profound.  I have been amazed at improvements I have been able to make to my own emotional well-being.  Instead of missing my life by worrying too much about the future or being caught up in the past, I am spending a lot more time in the present.

Through the  techniques of  mindfulness, I have learned to remain calm and centered, even when faced with the challenges that life sometimes has the tendency to throw in our path.


I became so enthusiastic about the benefits of mindfulness in my own life, that I completed the trainer’s course in order to be able to share what I have learned with others.

My teaching approach is practical and down to earth.


'I find it deeply rewarding to help others make their journey toward a more aware, happier and balanced life'

Every moment matters.

It’s your life – don’t miss it!


“I learnt so much from this mindfulness training. Got some real eye openers. Jennifer taught the mindfulness lessons with kindness, calm and patience".


Jennifer Dawn Hordijk-Faure
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